VPN is Mainstream in US and UK (Data in Charts)

According to recent survey  made by Wombat Security  VPN became extremely popular  at least in the US.

The results of the survey found that about 65% of respondents in the US had used a virtual private network on either a corporate or a personal device, while only 44% in the UK confirmed that they are using VPN.

23% of UK respondents said that though they knew what a VPN was, they still chose not to use one which is also higher than 16 per cent in the US.

Surprisingly as many as 33%  of UK respondents did not even know what a VPN was compared to 19 per cent in the US.

VPN Usage in US in 2017


VPN Usage in UK in 2017

Top 5 Reasons to Use VPN

  1. Stay safe on public Wi-Fi
  2. Shopping online securely
  3. Protecting oneself against government snooping or ISP tracking
  4. Avoiding having your bandwidth throttled
  5. Removing geo-restrictions and blocks when traveling.

Recent events worldwide and increased cyber threats are quickly turning VPNs into a household name among both businesses and consumers.